I Want To attend the runners retreat!

Our 2019 date is August 22nd -25th
Limited spaces are available. The total cost for the weekend is $780. 50% deposit due at time of signup.

Here's What Former Zap Campers Say

"The camp was so well organized and the balance of running and non-running activities was perfect. The trails were awesome and I got the do my first ever mountain hike/climb. The accommodations were clean, comfortable and convenient. I’ve told everyone that it was oddly strenuous, yet relaxing. I will definitely be coming to camp again.”

Kara Schmidt

"Being with such amazing people that as dedicated to their sport as I am.  Being able to relate and talk about training with knowledgable coaches and other athletes.  I would put this up there as one of the neatest experiences I have ever had and will cherish the new "friends" I made.  I will be able to read their posts now and hear their voices as I read.  It was amazing and I already miss the free and easy banter that developed over those 4 days.  For someone like me who lives in a very rural area where runners with this amount of dedication are rare, and for someone who rarely gets to travel,  it was worth ever penny and missed flight and being awake over 24 hrs.  Great job to you coach Jeff, Sarah and Jamie!

Cynthia Morris

"I enjoyed the woodsy location and the trails around and about the lake. Serene vistas, fresh cool air, and the camaraderie of group runs were all an important part of the recipe of rejuvenation for busy professionals taking a few days off to hone running skills, break out of a rut, or just generally mix it up. Jeff's and the staff's expertise and their sincere desire to impart as much of that as possible to us over the long weekend made the camp, from a technical standpoint, well worth the investment of time and money. Amateur runners get excited about having a few tips and tricks from more talented runners. It should never bone underestimated just how transformative it is to the everyday runner when a pro/elite shows genuine interest and gives his pupil some assignments to work on over the next year. And finally, the bonding between runners and with the staff, though we might seldom see one another in the future, not only forged new friendships among kindred souls, but also showed us that we are not alone in this often solitary sport. We're a team. "

Ken Brown

I look forward to meeting you and helping your running in any way I can.


Jeff Gaudette