The RunnersConnect Virtual Race

Here Are the Details for The Virtual Race

When is it? April 19th - any time of day, your choice!

What distances are available? 5k and Half-Marathon. Your choice!

Where is it? You pick your own route - whatever works for you. Or do on a treadmill if you're more comfortable!

Who's doing it? Runners with cancelled races (aka EVERYONE! :)

Why should I be there? Either (1) to test your fitness in lieu of all the cancelled races or (2) to have some fun (virtually) with other runners!

Do I have to run it seriously? Not at all! You can run hard to test your fitness or run it as a fun run.

This Event Begins In...


What is a Virtual Race? How Does it Work?

First, you'll choose your race distance (5k or 10k).

Then you can pick your own route. This can be on roads, a bike path, or simply on the treadmill.

On April 19th, you will run your chosen distance at whatever time of day you wish (and at whatever intensity you'd like).

Once you finish, you will submit your result (along with a link to your log on Garmin, Strava, RC, etc.). We'll compile them and send them out so you can see how everyone else did.