The Simple, Actionable Nutrition Plan for Runners

The first nutrition plan for runners that combines simple, specific weekly instructions to easily transform your diet with extensive course material to help you lose weight, fuel for the marathon, determine your needs, energize your runs, and plan your meals.

Ready to Simplify Your Nutrition Plan & Finally Learn How to Fuel and Eat the Right Way

Our Nutrition Plan for Runners is specifically designed for runners like you. We provide you with weekly challenges that help you make simple, actionable changes to your nutrition while providing you with extensive course material that answers every question and helps you master your nutrition


Easy runs, long runs, speed workouts and tempo runs. We give you the specific foods you need to eat before each type of run to maximize your performance and prevent stomach issues.


We provide you an individualized race nutrition plan based on your exact fueling and hydration needs that tells you exactly how much, when and what products to eat and drink during


We will give you your exact calorie and macro needs that are specific to your training. No more wondering how much you need to eat - we'll help you know exactly how much, regardless of your diet.


A 30-day weight loss program that teaches you each day how to get to your ideal weight. No restrictive diets, just actionable changes you can make long-term success


Paleo, low carb, vegan, there's no "right" diet for every runner. We provide you with extensive research, pros and cons, and interviews with elite runners to help you find the perfect diet and make it successful for you.


We teach you how to make simple, easy-to-make meal plans and snacks so you stick with your nutrition plan. We even teach you how to incorporate meal plans around your family and on-the-go lifestyle.


We answer every running-related nutrition question for you, with links to actual research studies. From supplements, to meal timing and food choices - we've got you covered!


It's no secret that staying on track is the most difficult part of any nutrition plan. We all have vices, family and hectic schedules that derail the best laid plans. We'll help you stay on track and stay motivated!

This program has been transformational for me. I've read a lot of nutrition books (mainly Matt Fitzgerald), but always had a hard time actually implementing the advice. The way your course is set with weekly challenges and goals really helped me focus on one thing at a time - great idea! I constantly refer to the extra resources when I have nutrition questions because you back everything up with actual science, so I know I can trust it. I'm running so much stronger now, despite logging more miles than ever. Thank you! 

— Miranda Lessly

Finally! A Nutrition Plan That Makes it Simple 

We've heard you. Nutrition can be complicated. 

I know because I struggled with nutrition for a long time. There's so much conflcting information and different types of diets it was overwhelming.

Not only that, but everything I read was so generalized it was almost impossible to apply what I read to my actual diet or make it specific to my running. 

That's where this program flips the script.

To start, it's the only completely comprehensive nutrition plan for runners that includes meal plans, fueling for the marathon, weight loss, healthy eating, and finding your exact needs.

Plus, it's not specific to any one type of "diet". Whether you're paleo, vegan, keto, or just like to eat, this program provides specific advice and plans.  

So, how did we do this? How is this different?  

We keep it simple and actionable by breaking down lessons into "weekly challenges", which means you focus on just one aspect of your nutrition to approve, why it's important, and we give you very specific instructions.  

For example, Week 1 is "Find the Perfect Pre-Run Fuel".  

Each type of run - easy, long runs, speed workouts and tempo runs require different fueling needs. We explain what these needs are and why.  

Then we give you 2-3 simple snack/meal options that correlate with the specific needs of your run.  

After week 1, you'll now know exactly what you should be eating before every one of your runs.  

Simple. Actionable.  

The course also includes extensive research, videos, interviews, and articles on complicated nutrition topics that give you all the opinions, perspectives, pros and cons.  

This includes supplements, micronutrients, different types of diets, nutrient timing, recipes and staying on track.  

Finally, for in-depth topics like losing weight and fueling for the marathon, we have separate courses that walk you step-by-step through the process to make it simple and actionable. 

Imagine finally having confidence in your nutrition plan!

  • Knowing exactly what you need to eat before each run.
  • How to fuel for your long runs and exactly what you need to eat and drink when racing to prevent fading.
  • A plan for how you can lose weight with minimal impact on your training.
  • Being able to stick to the plan with simple meal plans and recipes.

You no longer have to stress about food, worry if you're fueling correctly, or feel fatigued and tired during training.

Full Nutrition Course

$99 One Time Payment

  • Comprehensive, science-backed that answers every running nutrition question you have
  • Pre-run and post-run fueling needs
  • Complete race fueling plan
  • Weight loss program
  • Simple and easy meal planning tool
  • Motivation and accountability
  • Interviews with elite athletes and researchers

Nutrition Course + Masters

$19 /month 

  • All features of "Nutrition Course" plus...
  • Ongoing Weekly Live Coach Chats
  • Access to Live Seminars
  • Discounts on Essential Running Products
  • Kettlebell workouts
  • Active Stretching program
  • Rock Solid Core Program
  • Improve Running Form Program
  • Injury Prevention Course
  • Here's a full list of programs

There’s no risk. Cancel anytime. The cost for the Nutrition + Masters is monthly because we add members-only content each week that is specifically designed to help keep you injury-free and training smarter.  

It's a system to prevent information overload and give you the specific tactics to take action and start improving. Every month you'll be able to implement advice specific to you to improve faster and get the results you work so hard to achieve!  


Which program is best for me? Just the course or + Masters

Both options include everything in the nutrition course.  

However, if you want help with your running outside of nutrition - strength training, workouts, kettlebells, stretching, foam rolling, etc. then the Masters program is a better fit. We like to think of it as the Netflix of running programs. Whether you want to learn on your own or have us guide you through our curated programs, you'll have the most researched and effective resources at your fingertips. You receive instant and unlimited streaming access to over 100 of hours of step-by-step courses, workouts, programs, videos, interviews and more.  

If nutrition is your only concern at the moment or what you struggle with most, then the full nutrition course will be perfect for you. 

How is the program delivered?

Everything is digital and you'll have access immediately. You can login to and access anytime you like.  

The first part of the course is delivered in a weekly challenge format, although you can skip around if you like. This is how we help you make small, simple changes to start.  

The remainder of the course are articles with research references, video and audio. 

Is this a diet?

No. While we offer simple meal planning tools and options, we don't require you to eat any specific types of foods. 

The goal of this course is to walk you through how to find the right types of foods for you and then help you structure them into an eating and fueling plan that works for your lifestyle.  

Can this program work for vegetarians? Paleo? Keto???

This program works for all types of diets. We even provide specific guidance on overcoming the challenges presented by any diet so you can better fuel your running.