How We Helped Melanie Rauleder Beat Her Marathon PR From 2004 

If your performances are sliding and you’re not sure how to get back on track, let us show you how we helped Melanie beat her 3:18 PR from 2004 (when she was 26) at age 40 


Melanie wanted to run a marathon PR after several years of disappointing performances.


Melanie struggled over the second half of races. She’d be on pace to run a PR but couldn’t quite hold on. 


Melanie ran 3:17:33 in Melbourne and finally broke her PR!  

"I'd never done workouts like that! I'd pushed myself before, but nothing felt so much like the race in training"

The Problems Melanie Faced

Melanie Rauleder Age: 40 Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Struggling over the last half of the race  

Desparate to PR, Melanie would go out at PR pace in every marathon only to falter the second half

Unsure how to maintain speed

Melanie does 5k Park Runs in Australia. Thus, she wanted to make sure she stayed sharp in the shorter races while training for the marathon  

Wanted to get back to her younger times  

Though she’s 40, Melanie knew her best times were still ahead of her. She just wasn’t sure how to get back to that level.

How did RunnersConnect Help?

#1: Structured training and consistent feedback  

We developed a plan specific to Melanie’s schedule and needs. Then we gave her the feedback she needed each day so she knew when she was on track.  

#2: More reserved workouts and paces  

Since 5k Park Runs (very popular in Australia) are important to Melanie, we added more speed than usual to Melanie’s marathon and half-marathon training. This allowed her to stay sharp while also improving over the longer distances.  

#3: Knowledge and resources 

We showed Melanie how to properly race the marathon, in terms of both pacing and fueling. This allowed her to get to the halfway point feeling good and ready to pick it up and finish strong.  

What Were the Results?

Melanie crushed her 14 year old PR and ran 3:17:33 at age 40.  

Now she’s aiming to beat her half marathon PR while running under 20 minutes in the 5k for as long as possible.  

Listen to Melanie Get In-depth About Her Training and Results

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