57 Year Old Bob Muehring Achieves His Dream Half-Marathon Goal (All Injury-Free!)

If you're struggling with injuries and your body isn't quite working like it used to, learn how we helped Bob through injuries and poor performances to 3 PR's in one year (and how you can too).



Bob’s dream for many years was a 1:45 half marathon.


At age 57, Bob was struggling with knee and back issues. He wasn’t doing the necessary stretching and strength work to prevent these injuries.  



Bob set 3 PR’s in 2018: June 30: 40:05 8k Aug 11: 1:46 Half-Marathon Sep 29: 1:42 Half-Marathon

"I loved the science behind my workouts and having access to the coaches. It gave me a new level of confidence"

The Problems Bob Faced

Bob Muehring Age: 57 Hometown: 

Age-related injuries

Bob’s knees and back just weren’t keeping up with him anymore like they did when he was younger.

Lack of accountability with the “little things”

Bob wasn’t keeping up with things like stretching and preventative strength work (not little things, actually huge things!)

Running way too fast on easy/long run days leaving him depleted

Though he didn’t know it, Bob’s race pace long runs were actually making him worse, not better  

How did RunnersConnect Help?

#1: Strength work/injury prevention tailored to Bob’s specific needs

Rather than simply telling him to work on his core, we gave Bob specific exercises every day with detailed instructions and videos. This helped Bob get in a routine of prehab (rather than rehab) and led to more consistent, injury-free running.  

#2: A proper training plan for his age, abilities, and schedule

Since Bob runs at 5am every day, we knew we couldn’t overload the weekday runs. Instead, we devised a schedule that suited Bob’s schedule and allowed him to accomplish what he needed week after week without over stressing his body (or his time!). 

#3: Coaching and accountability

When Bob ran too hard on an easy run, our coaches chimed in - gently! - to let him know he went too fast. Though it took some time, we showed him the benefits of running easier and focusing energy on the workout days.  

What Were the Results?

Bob started 2018 with an 8k PR. A good stepping stone!  

Then came a 1:46 half-marathon PR. With 1:45 as his dream result, Bob came away plenty satisfied.  

But he wasn’t done yet. Bob exceeded even his own expectations with a 1:42 half only a couple of months later.  

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