How We Helped Masters Runner Bill Keefe Beat His Goal in His First HM by 5 Minutes 

If you’re an older runner and you’re not sure you can improve, let us show you how we helped Bill turn his 5k pace into his half marathon pace. 


When Bill started with us, he just wanted to help lower his blood pressure and to be able to RUN a half marathon  



At Bill’s age, he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to run a fast half marathon. He was also coming off some medical issues that made running PR’s seem impossible.



Bill crushed his first half marathon, running 1:45:10. That’s 8:01 per mile, where as his 5k time just before signing up was only 8:03 per mile!


"RC has been instrumental in helping me get stronger and be healthier overall"

The Problems Bill Faced

Bill Keefe Age: 65 Hometown: Glastonbury, CT

Accountability Bill needed a structured plan with coaches watching out for his training. As we all do, he found it a bit too easy to skip a run here and there.

Running too fast in training  

Instead of an easy/hard method, Bill thought he just had to run hard every day. This prevented adequate balance to his training and hindered his recovery.

Lack of running knowledge  

Like many runners, Bill didn’t have much experience with nutrition, running form, and other “little things.” Thus, even when he trained hard, he wasn’t seeing the improvement he wanted.

How did RunnersConnect Help?

#1: Structured training and consistent feedback  

We developed a plan specific to Bill’s schedule and needs. Then we gave him feedback each day so he knew when he was on track (and perhaps more importantly, when he was off track!).  

#2: More reserved workouts and paces  

Rather than just run hard every day, we showed Bill the value in reeling in workouts and running slower on easy days. This allowed him to properly recover from the workouts and make progress with his paces. 

#3: Knowledge and resources 

Just running isn’t enough. We gave Bill the extra resources he needed - a proper nutrition strategy, the basics of good running form, and more.  

Especially as a Masters runner, Bill needed to focus on these aspects to hit his goals.  

What Were the Results?

After less than a year of training with us, Bill ran his first half marathon in 1:45:10, far surpassing his expectations.  

Now, after a year of smart and consistent training - and at age 65 - he’s stronger than ever and ready to tackle even bigger goals.


Listen to Bill Get In-depth About His Training and Results

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